Why Do You Need The Right People

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When one think of the first things of Human resource management, is finding the right people and getting them on board. People who can come on board and understand your strategy and make things happen. So many good things flow from having the right people in your organization.

What to look for in people

A good set of employees would bring with them the right skills, the right values that would fit well with your organization and they will emanate positive energy around them. On the other side, the wrong person can bring about a feeling of frustration. They might be wrong for you because their values don’t fit with the organization or they may be not well suited to their role considering their skill set. They may all the skills and the values, but they are just not that motivated, so they don’t actually do anything.

Process of Selection

The process of selection is so crucial, that some authors have gone on to suggest not to hire people to fit a strategy, but to hire good people and then work out a strategy. This works in two ways. You will have a few less criteria to look while hiring and you will have a set of really good people. When you have a good team, they will know where to go and have a strategy to get there. Finding the right people hence, should be very high on your organization’s agenda. It would follow, that the selection process is going to be thorough and would require a lot of patience.

 The more senior the role, the more careful and patient you want to be. Banking and finance recruitment process requires three rounds of interview, while jobs in the media involve a probation period for screening. Some have psychometric testing and some involve socializing outside of the interview room to find out what the person is like in a social environment, what make him tick.

Sometimes, all of this is going to mean a long delay, because if you can’t find the right person, you are almost always better off having no one do that role. It might be disruptive to have no one doing the role, but it is going to be even more frustrating and disruptive to have the wrong person doing the role. This is not just an issue with banking jobs, its present in virtually every industry. Browse more about payroll processing outsourcing, go to this link.

Bring about that change

You might face trouble attracting the right people to your city. You might have to move cities. The reason why places like Silicon Valley have become the focal point of the whole industry is because it is easy to find the right people there. Finding people is just like shopping. You would go to a selected market place where you get what you want and buy it. Your business may benefit and over the added cost with having the right people on board.

You cannot get a singer to play football and you can’t get sportsmen to sing. There are always the right kind of people for every role. It is your prerogative to find them and get them on board to benefit your organization before someone else does.