Top 3 Countries To Settle Down For The Money-Minded.

Here we are about to consider three countries that offer brilliant citizenship by investment programs. Individuals with a higher net worth seek second residency for a number of reasons. While some may want a better tax regime than what they find in their domicile country. Some may want excellent opportunities in order to expand their business welfare. Meanwhile, some of them simply want trouble-free global travel alternatives, an improved lifestyle or to protect their hard earned wealth by investing in a second home. Well, some, undoubtedly, want all of those remunerations. 

Though investment immigration Hong Kong is not far and unheard of, it is a tricky task to pick the perfect place that your money should go to. Think about what your true objective is. Either it is dual citizenship, or Golden Visa status, it can only be obtained by matching with each country’s investor requirements with your preferences.  

As different countries have different terms and conditions, we will only be scratching the surface here, and it is essential to go into greater detail ideally with an immigration law firm that will nourish you with the finer details of the game.  


The profits of Canadian residency and/or citizenship have made it one of the world’s most sought-after countries for investor immigrants. With the world’s 11th strongest economy, and a highly educated population, the nation boasts a welcoming and hospitable nature. Your investments can range from an option of CAN $220,000 (non-returnable) to CAN $800,000 (guaranteed returnable after 5 years) enabling you to apply for citizenship after three years. 

The United Kingdom 

The UK is a country with many international ties that benefit the global minded investor. It is a member of the European Union as well as the Commonwealth of Nations that makes it a very popular investor destination. The importance of picking a country with worldwide ties is that these organizations open up many opportunities in travel, temporary and permanent residency, and business prospects to their members’ citizens, also including duty-free import and export trading opportunities.  The figure needed will be a single, returnable investment of between £2 million and £10 million. Citizenship is achieved in 2 years for £10 million investors, 3 years for £5 million investors, and 5 years for £2 million investors 

The U.S.A. 

Profile starting with ‘the world’s greatest economy’, this is an apparent choice for many investors.  With its people who are known for their work ethic and entrepreneurial flair, the country makes it possible for investors to achieve permanent residency rights (Green Card) and then to become American citizens eventually. You may invest between $500,000 and $1 million, depending on the project. Applicants become Permanent Residents (Green Card holders), and after 5 years, a Green Card holder will be eligible to apply for citizenship.