The Sudden Click That Puts Everything Into Place

Most of us have these moments when we feel like this is the one thing we want or we needed. Or he/she is the one person that we want or need. There is that sudden click we here in our heads that make us go ‘’yes that is the one’’. You know the dress is going to look perfect on you even without trying it on or you know the shoe is going to feel so comfortable on your feet even without wearing it or that piece of furniture was the exact thing you were looking for to complement the rest of it in your room. Somehow you feel that instant connection that you can’t explain and be logical about.

The internal makeup of different people

It’s the natural order of things that each of us are made differently with all of having our own likes and dislikes. You are never going to find two people who like the same thing when it comes to everything in life from careers to clothes to home storage organization. People always do things their own way which is not going to match another person word for word or step for step. There are the subtle changes that people sometimes even when it comes to identical twins and people think they are exactly the same. It could be little things like the way one person’s eyes are more expressive than the others or the way someone puts their hair in higher ponytail compared to the other. Even though these changes are subtle and most people don’t notice it, it is nevertheless present.

This is the exact reason why someone would get so excited when they see a sign that says craft organizer for sale while their partner would jump at a sign saying designer clothes for sale. Even though they may be the most compatible of people it does not necessarily mean they have to be in love with the same things. Because each of our likes and dislikes are governed by multiple factors. Like our upbringing, our culture, religion, education levels and our financial position. When there are so many factors playing a role, the probability of finding that other person with the exact same qualities, likes and dislikes is close to infinity.

And that is why each of us connect at different levels over different things. We have come to terms with our personalities and are well versed with the term adaptation. And we have become good at adjusting to the different situations and the different demands that they make. Because monotony is never a good thing.